What are the internal dimensions of the Cabins?

The Medium Cabin: 4.0m Long x 2.2m Wide

The LArge Cabin: 4.6m Long x 2.2m Wide

Is there a minimum or maximum rental period?

3 Months is the minimum rental term, there is no maximum rental term.

What sizes are the cabins?

We currently offer two sizes of cabin:


  • (External Dimensions) 4.2m Long x 2.4m wide
  • (Internal Dimensions) 4.0m Long x 2.2m Wide


  • (External Dimensions) 4.8m Long x 2.4m wide
  • (Internal Dimensions) 4.6m Long x 2.2m Wide

How do I get power to the cabin?

We provide a 15m long lead, similar to one a caravan would use and it can plug into a normal household power point.

How much space do you need for access?

A 3.5m wide driveway for access is required. If a caravan or boat can access the desired site is likely the cabin will too. A clear space around the cabin and above the cabin is needed to manoeuvre the cabin into position. This is something that will be discussed in detail prior to delivery.

Do we need council consent?

Generally the answer is no, our cabins come on wheels and you should not need any consent. However it is your responsibility to check with your local authority if you are unsure.

What happens on delivery?

We will position the cabin on your site, level and stabilise it, setup the deck and steps. We will show you how to plug in the power. The drawbar is also removed to provide you with more space.

How are the inside of the cabins furnished?

We do not provide furniture, however the cabins have carpet and are painted in neutral tones.

How do I arrange the rental of a cabin?

Give us a call on 0800 , send us a message (link)

Do I need to do anything before delivery?

Yes, make sure there is clear access to the site the cabin will be delivered. A near level site is best.

Do I need to do sign an agreement?

Yes, a two page rental agreement needs to be signed by you and us prior to the start of the rental. We can explain the detail of the agreement to you.

Is there a delivery cost and what does it include?

Yes, there is a delivery costs, this is dependent on the delivery location and can be quoted when you make an enquiry. The delivery cost includes, delivery of the cabin to site, positioning, levelling and pickup at the completion of the rental period.

Is a bond payable?

Yes, it is $200 per cabin.

How do I make payment?

Payment of the initial bond and delivery fee can be paid direct to our bank account or by Visa/Mastercard. Regular weekly payments need to be made directly to our bank account.

Where and when can we view your cabins?

Call for the closest viewing site.